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Learn more Barbells for Boobs - Wednesday, October 22nd

Workout of the Day (WOD)

CFPC posts a workout for each day. Here you will find three days of WODs. The Workout of the Day, the WOD of the previous day (in case you missed it) and the next day (so you can prepare).

W.O.D. “#wild”

October 22nd 70 calories on the air dyne 60 sit-ups 50 kettlebell swings 70/53 40 chest to bar pull-ups 30 handstand pushups 20 minute cap

W.O.D. “Grace”

October 22nd Barbells for Boobs BENCHMARK!! 30 clean and jerks 135/95 10 minute cap

W.O.D. “Milford Mayhem”

October 21st overhead squat take up to a heavy single then teams of 2 2 rounds each 15 power snatches 135/95 15 burpees over the rower 500 meter row rest while partner goes 18...


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