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Workout of the Day (WOD)

CFPC posts a workout for each day. Here you will find three days of WODs. The Workout of the Day, the WOD of the previous day (in case you missed it) and the next day (so you can prepare).

W.O.D. “The Mariners” 

overhead squat 


build to a heavy double 


20 overhead squats 135/95

15 burpees 

15 overhead squats 135/95

15  burpees 

10 overhead squats 135/95

15  burpees 

5 overhead squats 135/95

15 burpees 

12 minute cap 

W.O.D. “15.1 & 15.1A”

March 1st 



15 toes-to-bars

10 deadlifts 115/75 

5 snatches 115/75

15.1A starts 9:01

1 rep-max clean and jerk

6 minute cap 

Substitution WOD:

For members who do not want to 

repeat open WOD


W.O.D. “Blue Dress”

February 28th

Teams of 2 

1000 meter row

20 handstand push-ups 

750 meter row

15 handstand push-ups

500 meter row

10 handstand push-ups

250 meter row

5 handstand push-up

switch after each set of...


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